Arthur Szyk – Lithographic Israel History Print


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Szyk undertook a commission of 59 prints, one for each of the founding countries in the United Nations, to be used as frontispieces for stamp albums. Although the project was unfinished, he did produce this striking print for the State of Israel. Tightly packed throughout the image are symbols and portraits that reflect the history of Israel, the Nation, throughout the centuries. At the top, are the grouped figures of Joshua, Moses and Aaron, flanked on either side by Kings David and Solomon; in the center of the framing border sit Bar Kochba and Ezekial; at center bottom, the images of an Israeli soldier and kibbutznik flank the tablet of the Ten Commandments; also on the framing border is the text of the she’hecheyanu; and everywhere a riot of animals, fruits, architectural elements, all meant for the viewer to find and appreciate. The print, a combination of photo-offset and plate lithography, is signed (Arthur Szyk), located (New Cannon) and dated (1948) on the lower right. margin. The print is in excellent condition and will be shipped mounted in an acid free mat. (prints)

image dimensions; height – 17 3/4″, width – 6 1/2″: sheet dimensions; height – 11 1/2″, width – 9 7/8″

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