Jerusalem – Magnificent Empire Marketing Board Poster, 1929


Large 1929 English Marketing Board poster of British Mandate Jerusalem.

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A large poster of Jerusalem published by the English Marketing Board. Established in 1926, the Board’s mandate was to promote trade between Great Britain and her colonies, thereby encouraging Britains in the consumption of all things British. This Jerusalem poster was one of 3 that were designed by Frank Newbould (1887-1951) and published in 1929 to highlight the exports of British Mandate Palestine. (The areas around Jerusalem produced almonds.) The other 2 posters depict Jaffa and the River Jordan. This Jerusalem image, while inaccurate, is a stunning representation of the city featuring the Dome of the Rock, surrounding Arab architecture, and the countryside around the Old City. The poster is in good condition: there is slight staining on the lower left border outside the image; the folds from when the poster was sent out originally are faintly discernable.

Height – 40″; width – 60″

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