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Lobby Card – Milton Berle


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Appearing weekly in the television show Texaco Star Theater, Milton Berle was undoubtedly the most famous American comedian during the early 1950’s. His humor, derived from his vaudeville and Borsht Belt beginnings, was broad, often tasteless but hugely entertaining. We remember fondly his strutting around while bedecked in a woman’s costume and and an enormous grin as if to say how much better could this be, all the while making extemporaneous wisecracks that generally threw the skit off track. On this lobby card for Goodnight Grandpa he is considerably older and looks almost gentle. Both this 1983 off-Broadway play written by Walter Landau, and Berle’s performance in it as a 100 year old retired watchmaker were panned by Mel Gussow of the New York Times. The image on the card is priceless. The condition is very good with some minor creasing of the paper laid onto the thicker card.

dimensions of card: height – 22″; width – 14″

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