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Moses und Aron – New York City Opera


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Arnold Schoenberg (1874-1951) in his early 20s had converted to Christianity. But after being the object of anti-semitism in 1921, he started to think of himself as Jewish and reconverted in 1933 shortly before moving to the United States. It was during this period that he became interested in the biblical narrative and began to compose the music and write the libretto for an opera he named Moses und Aron. He completed only the first 2 acts and the text for Act 3. Since it was unfinished and due to the difficult nature of his music, the first staging of the opera (1957) happened in Zurich only after his death . The opera’s American premier was at the New York City Opera in 1990. The poster is undated but most probably refers to this production. The story is that of the tensions between Moses the prophet and Aaron the practical realist – a reflection of Judaism in contemporary Europe. The stunning image is a visual summary of Schoenberg’s themes. The poster is in very good condition with small tack holes at the 4 corners and some handling creases. We will ship it rolled into a sturdy tube.

sheet dimensions: height – 36 3/8“; width – 22 7/8“

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