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Thais,¬†though not a “Jewish” book is intriguing as a social document. It is a limited edition publication (31/250) with text by Norman Levy and illustrations by Abner J. Epstein/Abner Dean. Abner Dean (1910-1982) was a cartoonist and book illustrator. He has signed the title page of this copy together with a message to Yvonne in pencil. Published in 1931, this relatively short, picaresque poem is accompanied by Art Deco serigraphs, each signed in the plate “Abner J. Epstein”. The cover is a marvelous modernist decoration.

The first verse starts the poem out as follows:
One time in Alexandria, in wicked Alexandria, Where nights were wild with revelry and life was but a game, There lived, so report is, an adventuress and courtesan, The pride of Alexandria, and Thais was her name.

The overall condition of the book is good. There are a few small stains throughout; and some small pale pencil notations on the front and back end pages. Front and back cover are in excellent condition except for a small loss to the silver-paper title tag. (books)

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