We Have Not Forgotten – R. B. Kitaj


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This screen print, one of a series of 50, was produced by Christopher Prater in London on the basis of detailed instructions sent to him from California by the artist R. B. Kitaj. Each print in the series reproduces the cover of one book owned by Kitaj, so that all taken together constitute an intellectual portrait of  the artist. The book covers are found objects that are conceptualised through the instructions sent to Prater to realize.

R. B. Kitaj (1932 – 2007), the Jewish artist, was born in Cleveland, Ohio. His peripatetic career included working in the merchant marines, a stint in the U. S. Army, and training at various art schools in the United States and Britain. He spent much of his working life in England as an influential artist and star during the years of an exploding art scene. The series (1969) of prints, of which this is one, was entitled In Our Time: Covers for a Small Library After the Life for the Most Part. Catherine Bindman has written an almost rapturous review of this work prompted by a show of the prints in the New York Jewish Museum.

We Have Not Forgotten is a 1961 book, published in Warsaw, that contains large number of Holocaust photos with text in English, German, and French. It is presented as a, “Homage to the Dead – a Warning to the Living.”

The print, which is in excellent condition, is numbered (34/150) and initialed (RK) just below the image.

image  dimensions: height – 12 1/8″; width – 18 1/8″

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